Welcome to The Spool Queue, a place for me to post about my random projects. Whether it be old computers, high vacuum, or new technology. This is a place for me to post about almost anything I may be working on and feel like writing about.

Who am I? My name is Connor Krukosky, you may know me from YouTube as the “mainframe kid”. I get myself into a lot of projects, mostly not mainframe related so sorry if that’s what you may have come here for! But I keep myself busy and always thirst to learn new and interesting things so I rarely stick on one subject. The only real constant in my life is vintage computing and technology as a whole.

I also have a YouTube channel, which I plan to try and start uploading some videos to go along with some of these posts when I can. Its hard to find time to make full fledged videos as a lot of time is taken just shooting the video and editing. This can turn a project from an afternoon into a few days easily.

Just remember the spool queue is just that, a spool of information! This information while sometimes educational can also be random and useless to some. I always advise you do your own research and not just blindly follow any advise I have here, it could be wrong! I try to keep things as close to correct and good willed as I can but I don’t know everything even though I definitely try to!

Last updated: Aug 26, 2019 02:23